And so it begins...

Well, I must admit to being something of a "blog-o-sceptic" up to this point, I guess I don't really feel like I have a great deal of wisdom to dole out to the virtual masses. But I am assured by the wise and knowing Mr Tim Holmes that a blog is a most useful thing to have, and thus, I take the plunge...

Damn its been a hard old week, and this was only my first of the semester! Getting to grips with the 9am starts, 4.30 finishes and the cryptography that is shorthand has been quite stressful, but once we settled down to labs on Thursday I started to really enjoy things, so here's hoping.

Oh well I have a few precious hours of freedom now before I have to get my work for Monday done, so I should make the best possible use of them by way of a sit down, a brew and an afternoon of world cup rugby... bliss!

(Those of you who got the mid-nineties sci-fi reference in the title should either be ashamed or proud... I couldn't say which...)

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