Intros, copies and bloody oval balls...

So, I'm kind of wishing that I had refrained from sitting down with the rugby on Saturday, thereby saving myself an awful lot of cursing, shouting, smoking and ultimately heartache... Such is the life of a Welsh rugby fan...

But on the bright side I plan to take my devastation and channel it into my piece in next week' s Alt:Cardiff relating to the role of sport on the development of culture and identity in Cardiff. I'll try and keep the wailing to a minimum.

Keeping it on a sports theme, Neath are undefeated in the league, the Ospreys actually won a game and the Bucs are 3-1 and top of the NFC South, talk about unexpected! On the downside, losing the Cadillac is a huge blow, our running game will suffer without him :(

Away from the sports, things have been a bit more involved this week, shorthand still scares the crap outta me, but small nuggets of stuff actually seem to be sticking in my brain by some miracle.

The Magazine stuff has been ok, kinda got a bit fed up with writing intros on Monday, but then, I was shit at it so I guess i needed the practice. Still, it was nice to do something different today, and especially good to have a production meeting for Alt:Cardiff, feels like we're actually doing something creative now.

Also, I got the email today saying that I had won that one in a million lottery to get hold of Led Zeppelin tickets and lo and behold... i have no money... anyone wanna lend me £125?

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